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Friday, May 30, 2014

Be Careful Who You Use

There are a lot of individuals and companies that advertise their skills in making you a great resume.  Some of them are actually very good, but there are a lot of them out there who simply re-format what you already have into a more aesthetically appealing document without adding any substance that really makes it any better.

If your resume is like most of them out there, you don't need just some lipstick and need some substance that organizations are looking for in your document.  Before you commit to paying someone to make your resume better, ask them a few questions about what, exactly, they can do to make it better:

1. How will you change what I already have in the document?
2. What new sections will you add, and where will they be in the new resume?
3. Are you going to make the new resume in a way that it can be easily modified for each specific opportunity I pursue?

Once you get it, here are a couple of other caveats to observe:

1.  Always send it to the recipient in pdf format...not in Word or Pages format.  If you send it in Word or Pages format it can change how it looks on the receiving end.  If you send it from a PC to another PC, there are usually no problems...same for Mac to Mac...but if you send it from a PC to a Mac or vice versa, there's good chance that it will not look the same on the receiving end that it did on your end when you sent it.
2.  Get a gmail account (don't get cute with it...just a simple ''") that you dedicate exclusively to your job search.  Don't give it to your friends/family.  Gmail is rejected less as spam than any other format, and if you use an exclusive email address just for your job search, you can be assured that anything that goes out or comes in from that address is job-related.

Before we do any new resume for anyone, we ask them to take a simple, 7 minute, online personality assessment that we use to identify and list your marketable strengths.  It's a great tool for matching your personality to the type of job that is the best fit for you, and the strengths we list in your resume are authentic and really represent who you are.

Contact me at if you have any questions, or check us out at

Good luck in your job hunt!

by Ken Murdock

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