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Monday, July 28, 2014

How Technology Affects Your Job Search

It used to be that job seekers were competing with other candidates in the same geographic area for positions in most organizations.  Technology has changed the landscape considerably.  It may come as a surprise to many, but when you pull into the drive-thru lane of a fast-food restaurant and place your order through the speaker, there's an excellent chance that you will be speaking with someone in another country who will take your order and send it to the front of the restaurant where you will pick up your food.

If you want to build a new house, it's just as easy to contract with an architect in Mumbai, India to design the structure as it is to deal with someone locally.  The architect in Mumbai can send the construction design to your builder just as quickly as an architect on the other side of town can do it.

Need a new pair of shoes, but don't want to make a trip to the shoe store in the mall?  Zappos (now owned by Amazon) will offer you an astounding number of choices and then deliver your order to your home or office the next day.

More and more businesses and jobs within those businesses are being affected by communications technology where information can be transmitted anywhere in the world with the push of a button.  What this means to most of us is that proximity to where you are employed or to the company you want to buy from is almost irrelevant. 

So, what's the point of this information?  The point is that today, you are not competing for jobs with just those are in the same geographic area as are competing with candidates from all over the world!  That means that you really have to stand out from the crowd rather than blend into it if you want to put yourself into an advantageous competitive position for the job you want.

As a recruiter, I have seen thousands of resumes over the years, and at least 95% of them do a very poor job of making the candidates they represent look appealing to recruiters and hiring managers.  There are a lot of important "rules" in marketing, but one of the most important rules is that when your demand conditions change, you must also change your promotional strategy.

If your resume looks the same today as it looked before we entered the current very strong buyer's market seven years ago, it's time to re-evaluate it and ask yourself if it makes you stand out or just look like everyone else.  We can help you do that at no cost to you.  Just send it to us as an attachment to

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