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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Acronym You Don't Know Can Hurt You

I have mentioned in other posts (see "The Rules Have Changed) that we are now in a very strong buyer's market and that employers are being more selective than ever before simply because there is no reason not to be with so many outstanding, qualified candidates available for most jobs.  Because employers are being so much more selective, it is more challenging than ever to have your resume viewed by a pair of human eyes.  The reason is that most large employers and many smaller ones as well are using ATS, which is the acronym for "Applicant Tracking Software."  ATS is used for many reasons, but one of the main ones is that it is a time saver for hiring managers. 

When you submit your resume electronically for a job post, it is scanned by the ATS for key words.  If your resume does not have those key words, it is eliminated and will never get to any decision maker in the organization. 

Anyone who has ever tried to advertise or sell a product on the Internet is aware of how Google changes its algorithm that determines where a particular ad shows up when someone is doing a search.  Search Engine Optimization companies and individuals are always trying to adjust their tools to fit the changes in the Google algorithm so that their ads can get "high placement" on the first page of results when someone launches a Google search. 

Just as SEO operators have to continually update their tools, resume writers have to stay on top of the sophisticated criteria that ATS uses in evaluating resumes.  Finding qualified, technically proficient employees is not the challenge today.  There are countless numbers of experienced, skilled, and highly qualified candidates for every job. The real challenge that companies face today is finding the type of person who is not only qualified, but who will fit well within the organizational culture. 

In order to find only those candidates who fit this parameter, the ATS is set up to screen out any resume that does not have words that describe the type of person the company is seeking to fill the position.  If your resume does not have the words that describe the type of person who will do well in the job and fit well within the company culture, it goes into the electronic graveyard, never to be seen again.

Most job seekers and most universities that advise students and graduates on resume preparation, styles, and formats have not made this adjustment.  The result is a lot of frustration and disappointment for those who send their resumes out for job after job and never get a response.

And that is the main reason that if your resume does not fit these new parameters, you should contact an experienced and savvy resume writing professional to help you get your resume past the ATS and in front of a hiring manager who can invite you in for an interview. 

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